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Arch Retail launches InArch, an eLearning platform

Training challenges facing retailers

In the retail sector, ongoing and regular training problems can cost an organisation time and money, as well as cause a headache for those in charge of scheduling and doing the training. Traditionally high staff turnover causes an ongoing training burden on store management to provide regular training and re-training on the in-store retail management solution – both at point-of-sale (POS) and in the back office.

Arch Retail Systems recognised the challenges facing retailers and developed InArch.

InArch addressing training & skills development needs of Arch Users

Arch Retail Systems, leading supplier of integrated retail management solutions in Southern Africa, recently launched the InArch eLearning platform. It is designed to address training and skills transfer needs of Arch Users.

The Arch suite of solutions is diverse and is rich in functionality to address all the important business processes. This poses a challenge per se to ensure that all personnel working with Arch are confident and fully equipped to use it to its full potential. Solid understanding and application of Arch will ensure that best operational practices are uniformly applied, which will increase operational efficiency and ultimately profitability.

InArch – comprehensive eLearning platform

InArch gives you access to a library of eLearning and training courses/modules. InArch was developed to provide Arch Users with an online training portal where users can access learning material at their convenience.

InArch can assist store managers with stimulating career growth. Employees can access the InArch courses at work or at home, making it easier to develop themselves into new roles. Basic training, refresher training, or advanced training are offered to fit the training needs of a specific individual. All employees, including seasonal and/or temporary workers, can access training material around the clock.

InArch courses are built to cater for all learners. No matter their education level or experience in the retail environment, the course content is instructive, inter-active, and easy to understand.

An employee’s journey is monitored, and reports to managers can be provided on request. Course progress is saved, and courses are completed in the employee’s own time. InArch offers standardised training for employees in stores to ensure best operational practices are uniformly applied.

InArch will further be used to disseminate upgrade notes to all Arch Users and prepare employees for implementation. This means a quicker adoption of new system functionality and an increase in operational productivity and profitability.

Benefits of InArch

• Basic, refresher or advanced training

• Complete suite of Arch solutions covered

• Used at your own convenience

• Used in-store or at home

• Stimulates career growth

• Instructive, inter-active and easy to understand

• Training status monitored

• Enhances best operational practices

• Counteracts high staff turnover

• Supports release notes at upgrades

Says David Geldenhuys, Marketing Executive of Arch: “The birth of InArch is long overdue and will play an important role in ensuring that the Arch suite of solutions are optimally applied in the business, resulting in increased operational efficiency and ultimately profitability”.

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