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Algeria operators warned over 4G quality of service

Algeria , 05 May 2020
Djezzy, Ooredoo and Mobilis have been warned to comply with 4G QoS or face sanctions.
Djezzy, Ooredoo and Mobilis have been warned to comply with 4G QoS or face sanctions.

Algeria’s telecommunications industry regulator, the Post and Electronic Communications Regulatory Authority (ARPCE), has warned three mobile operators Djezzy, Ooredoo and Mobilis to comply with 4G QoS or face sanctions.

In a statement, ARPCE said that from 16 February to 12 March 2020, it assessed the coverage and quality of service of operators' 4G networks in the regions of Blida, Djelfa, Tlemcen, Adrar and Constantine.

During this period, the regulator said it was able to identify shortcomings in the 4G services of Djezzy, Ooredoo and Mobilis.

"The results of this check revealed that the three operators did not meet certain requirements for coverage and quality of service for 4G networks in these wilayas," ARPCE stated.

The notice from the regulator affirmed subscribers’ complaints regarding the quality of telecoms services in Algeria.

Ahmed Senani, a Djezzy subscriber in Tlemcen, told ITWeb Africa that the quality of services have been unsatisfactory and had been worsened by increased demand for connectivity as a result of the COVID-19 movement restrictions.

“In the face of its results, I think the regulator should do more than sending notices to operators, they need to be fined,” Senani told ITWeb Africa.

The regulator stated that it is abiding by Law No. 18-04 of May 10, 2018, which laid down the general rules relating to the Post and Electronic Communications.

“We are also in accordance with the prescriptions of the operators' 4G specifications of mobile telephony in Algeria,” it added.

Operators have received reports with specific details of shortcomings that would have to be addressed.

According to the regulator, another assessment will be carried out and operators found wanting would then be fined.

Algeria’s telecommunications industry has experienced a recent surge in activity.

In March 2020, the country approved the renewal of the operating licenses of the telecoms companies and published decrees to the effect.

While continuing to allow the operators to access assigned spectrums, the government added that it reserves the right to proceed with redevelopment necessary in the allocation and exploitation of the spectrum of frequencies.

Officials stated: “The assignments and/or reassignments of resulting frequencies for the benefit of the licensee, are operated in a non-discriminatory manner taking into account objective needs of the services offered and in accordance with current regulations.”

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