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Transceiver warrantees: ProLabs separates fact from fiction

Transceiver warrantees: ProLabs separates fact from fiction

Value-added distributer, Networks Unlimited distributes ProLabs' product line of high-quality, OEM-compatible optical transceivers and direct-attach cables offering at significant cost savings, often up to 70 percent less than OEM branded products, across the African continent.

Distinguishing itself from others in the market, ProLabs provides end-to-end services, including sourcing, coding, testing, customisation, responsive support and ongoing expertise. The company has significantly expanded its R&D capabilities and is now at the forefront of technology development, challenging OEM dominance to become the largest and most innovative independent player in the global, mid-tier, optical network products market.

ProLabs also strongly supports the possibility for customers to choose freely and believes that consumers should be able to purchase compatible transceivers modules without being subject to pressure and misinformation. The company says it has always placed extreme importance on reliability, designing its modules to meet the specific requirements of the system or class of systems into which the module will be installed. "Backed by a lifetime warranty, ProLabs transceivers are 100% tested to be reliable and compatible," says Anton Jacobsz, MD at Networks Unlimited. "Most OEMs only provide a one year warranty."

In its white paper "Discovering the truth behind transceiver warranties", ProLabs, answers the following most frequently asked question regarding the ProLabs transceivers' warranty. These are:

1. What if I have an existing service contract with a system OEM but I want to purchase ProLabs server transceivers to upgrade my servers? No problem! You can install the transceivers yourself; it is very easy, no need to open the switch – all ports are accessible. Transceivers have mechanical features that prevent incorrect insertions.

2. What if I am currently negotiating a service contract and the OEM tells me that I cannot use third-party transceivers? You are the customer! The OEM will not want to lose the sale over the transceivers installation. As a customer, you have the right to choose how you would like your service contract to be fulfilled. Many ProLabs customers around the world have chosen a specific OEM for their systems and have included ProLabs transceivers on their standards list of transceivers.

3. What happens if there is a problem and my server goes down and the OEM service technician will not look at my system because there is third-party transceiver installed? A defective transceiver causes link down or random errors on traffic. A transceiver is traffic agnostic, it has no knowledge of traffic or protocols features. Any protocol related problem (latency, throughput, something strange happening on a specific VLAN, and more) couldn't be attributed to the transceiver. ProLabs transceivers provide the same level of monitoring (DOM) provided by original OEM transceivers, so the OEM customer support has access to the same diagnostic that original transceivers would provide. OEMs can't deny warranty if the customer uses third party transceivers. The official OEM position, available on their websites official warranty statements is that they will continue to provide support as per the warranty terms even if you use third party transceivers. In the rare event that there is a failure, ProLabs or its partners will issue an RMA with advanced replacement.

"Installing a ProLabs product does not void the manufacturer's warranty," adds Jacobsz. "It's the same as using any brand of battery to power up your brand-specific radio. It simply does not affect the warranty of the product,"

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