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TowerCo of Africa to capitalise on Ubuntu's achievements

By , ITWeb Africa editor.
Uganda , 16 Aug 2023
Stephane Beuvelet, CEO, TowerCo of Africa.
Stephane Beuvelet, CEO, TowerCo of Africa.

In July this year Ubuntu Towers Uganda announced it had completed the rebranding exercise to emerge as TowerCo of Africa Uganda, 90% of which is owned by TowerCo of Africa (TOA), a subsidiary of Axian Telecom.

Stephane Beuvelet, CEO of TOA, described the announcement as a milestone because of its significance in the company’s effort to establish a unified tower infrastructure brand.

He said the local team began with no site in their portfolio but "managed to build a successful TowerCo that eventually attracted the interest of a pan-African group and got acquired by them".

According to TowerXchange, an independent community for telcoms tower industry, Uganda has 5 142 towers, with over 30 million subscribers which equates to 5 859 SIMs per tower. 

With the population of almost 46 million, the country is home to several MNOs including Airtel, UTCL, Smile Telecom and Lycamobile Telecom, as well as tower companies American Tower, and now TOA Uganda.

Geoffrey Donnels Oketayot, CEO of TOA Uganda said the company's ambition is to be the best green passive infrastructure solutions provider in Uganda.

Beuvelet said the rebrand also aligns TOA’s operations in Uganda with those in Madagascar, Tanzania, and DRC, underscoring the company’s mission on the continent.

 This mission revolves around supporting world-class mobile services and their subscribers and advancing its pan-African presence through the construction of the passive infrastructure needed.

"Connectivity is not just about technology; it is about empowering a nation to become agents of change," he said, emphasising TOA's positive outlook for Uganda.

"The nationwide expansion of communication services in Uganda aims to reach more communities while introducing modern and innovative offerings. 

"Encouraging increased private sector participation in the industry will foster growth and development. By implementing regulations and promoting healthy competition among mobile network operators and tower companies, network expansion will accelerate, standardisation will improve, and competitively priced, high-quality services will become available. 

"Additionally, the establishment and management of a Universal Service and Access Fund of Uganda, dedicated to communications and information technology in rural areas, will ensure improved infrastructure and services, benefiting these regions as well."

Beuvelet said the company is hiring and there are five new recruitments scheduled to begin this year in TOA Uganda.

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