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Nigeria’s Axia Africa hosts free tech skills training camp

By , Africa editor
Africa , Nigeria , 28 Mar 2023
Olawale Samuel, founder and CEO of Axia Africa.
Olawale Samuel, founder and CEO of Axia Africa.

Nigerian based social impact group Axia Africa is hosting a two-week free tech boot camp for 1000 young Africans.

The Axia Africa free online bootcamp began yesterday and is designed to assist and equip participants with the tech skills they need to succeed in the digital economy.

The camp is covering a wide range of topics including web development, data science, marketing and design, and other relevant niche tech subjects.

The skills training session comes on the back of growing calls to empower Africa’s youth with tech skills so that they are not just employed, but have good quality jobs that will allow for innovation and comprehensive value creation.

According to the latest World Bank report, ‘Digital Africa: Technological Transformation for Jobs’, Africa’s share of the global workforce is projected to become the largest in the world by 2100. The report says it is critical for African countries to increase the uptake of digital technologies to drive employment growth for the more than 22 million Africans joining the workforce each year.

The report urges governments to adopt policies that foster innovation and support digital start-up entrepreneurs as well as getting more Africans to use the internet for jobs and learning, which will lead to higher standards of living.

Participants at the Axia Africa bootcamp are learning from a diverse group of experienced instructors and industry experts, as they work on practical projects to apply their knowledge, and network with other participants from across Africa.

"Our goal is to provide African young people with the tools they need to thrive in the digital age. We believe that this initiative will go a long way in populating tech talents in Africa and creating a sustainable ecosystem for innovation and development in the region," says Olawale Samuel, founder and CEO of Axia Africa.

Samuel emphasised the importance of this initiative in bridging the digital divide on the continent and empowering Africa’s youth.

“This free tech boot camp is part of Axia Africa's broader mission to create a sustainable and inclusive digital economy in Africa. The organisation aims to empower young Africans with the skills and tools they need to compete globally and drive innovation and development in the region.”

According to Samuel, the initiative has garnered significant interest from participants across the continent, with thousands of applications received from various countries.

He says the organisation is committed to ensuring that every participant has a ‘meaningful and impactful experience’ during the boot camp, and is ‘working tirelessly to provide the necessary resources and support to make this a reality’.

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