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Tactile and PerfectID introduce PALMKI palm vein recognition technology

In its continuous drive to evolve its technology offering Tactile proudly presents PALMKI, a proven and efficient palm vein recognition solution developed and marketed by PerfectID, a Belgian company.

Why Palmki Palm Recognition

Existing applications such as badges no longer provide sufficient security. Facial recognition has many disadvantages regarding privacy and the user’s approval. The big disadvantage of Iris scanning is that it is expensive and not very user-friendly. Fingerprints can be copied, and recognition does not work for all users. Palmki, on the other hand, is very user-friendly (always at hand), contactless (hygienic and Covid-safe), super secure (even a higher security than iris scanning), works very quickly and is widely applicable.

Marc Strackx from PerfectID: “A registration unit, our software, and our Palmki sensor: that’s all you need to install the Palmki hand palm recognition technology. After the registration, the scan of the hand palm vein structure is hash-coded, and that way your biometric data is stored safely. Once this is done, users just need to present their hand. The Palmki software will perform a biometric recognition of the hand by matching it with the saved hash-code. More than 5 million reference points in your palm will be recorded in a split second and our intelligent biometric identification software takes care of the rest.

"When matched, access is granted.”

Steven Baeyens, Director of Products at Tactile: “The Palmki sensor works fast and very intuitively. Very little to no user training will be required. A solution that is secure and can be deployed quite quickly. We see immediate opportunities in datacenter security, identity registration and access control where Palmki will definitely add its value." 

Contact if you want to find out more about Palmki and/or check out this short video: What is Palmki? - YouTube.

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