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Uganda to ‘fight crime’ with digital identities

Uganda , 27 Jan 2014

Uganda to ‘fight crime’ with digital identities

Uganda plans to curb criminal activity by implementing a digital identification system.

This is according to the country’s president, Yoweri Museveni, speaking at the 28th NRA/NRM victory day anniversary on the weekend.

“One solution for crime is identification. Identification enables us to fight crime accurately and promptly. Hence, the importance of the identity card project,” the president said during the 28th NRA/NRM victory day anniversary, yesterday.

“The computerisation of the identities of all Ugandans and all the residents in Uganda will enable us to identify criminals accurately and promptly. The computerised record of all persons living in Uganda will capture everybody’s fingerprints, picture and bio-data,” he added.

The president also hinted that the digitisation of identity cards could open the door for e-voting during future elections in the country.

He said the system could be effective in deterring those aiming to commit voter fraud by registering more than once.

It is unclear though as to when this system could be implemented.

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