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Kenya kicks into gear on tech skills development

Kenya , 24 Jul 2015

Kenya kicks into gear on tech skills development

US firm General Electric has partnered with hardware tech hub Gearbox, University of Nairobi, Technical University of Kenya and Seven Seas Technologies to offer training to close the skills gap in various technology facets, especially in hardware tech.

Named the GE Garage space, the training initiative will be hosted at Gearbox premises in Nairobi to facilitate workshops and classes - including manufacturing processes, software programming and business development.

It will also feature advanced manufacturing innovations such as 3D printers, laser cutters and will be available to the University's students.

Gearbox is well known hardware hub and was responsible for designing and prototyping the BRCK, an internet backup system that allows users to access the internet with unstable data and electricity connection.

GE has run GE Garages spaces in the United States in 2012 to encourage inventions and manufacturing of new tools and products. The energy company will provide tools and equipment that will be used for training.

"We are delighted to collaborate with like-minded establishments on an initiative that aims to make more Kenyan youth employable in a fast changing technology-driven world," said Jay Ireland, president and CEO, GE Africa.

"I'm looking forward to seeing great ideas that come to the GE Garage being transformed into practical business models that ultimately create more jobs in Kenya."

Dr Kamau Gachigi, CEO of Gearbox said, "The provision of a GE Garage at Gearbox is essential to developing a continuous pipeline of people skilled in modern technologies and prepared to deliver tech solutions through business, who will serve as the 'army' that will enable industrialisation on the scale that is required for our national development."

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