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Internet Society Foundation opens grants for Senegal

The Internet Society Foundation has announced a programme of skills development grants to support digital transformation in Senegal.

Grants of up to US$250 000 will be awarded to organisations for projects lasting up to two years. 

This new round of grants is aimed at expanding economic growth and increasing educational opportunities by supporting individuals and communities to use the Internet more knowledgeably and skilfully.

Applications for the programme opened on May 1, 2023, with completed applications due by the end of May. Applications must be submitted through Fluxx, the online grant management system.

Provisional award notifications will take place in August 2023. According to the foundation, if organisation’s project meets the eligibility requirements, they will be invited to submit a full application.

This isn’t the first time the foundation has run such awards, and, in a statement, the organisation says, the ‘Strengthening Communities, Improving Lives and Livelihoods’ (SCILLS) programme grants in Senegal have previously been awarded to:

• Simplon Foundation, which trained 420 young people, aged 18 to 30, in fundamental digital skills through five-day training sessions.

• Association Jeunesse Espoir, which connected rural people to improve their agricultural performance and further their economic development.

• Croissance TIC Dakar, supports project leaders, entrepreneurs, start-ups, young people, and women with training and coaching, improved Internet access and digital infrastructure.

• Synergie pour l'Education au Numérique et aux Médias, which had its grant renewed last year, continues to train teachers on how to use the Internet, and supports students in building ICT skills through ‘tech clubs’ and inter-collegial hackathons.

The Foundation says the SCILLS programme has opened a fresh round for new grants in six target countries, namely: Bangladesh, Brazil, Colombia, Ghana, Indonesia, and Senegal.

The Internet Society Foundation is seeking projects in Senegal that aim to capitalise on this expanding access by securing educational opportunities and/or supporting economic inclusion for underserved and unserved communities.

This, it says, includes leveraging the Internet to increase access to high-quality primary and secondary education and improve learning outcomes; improving virtual teaching and distance learning methodologies and skills; building financial opportunities; increasing economic independence; and creating sustainable income sources.

Sarah Armstrong, executive director of the Internet Society Foundation, says: “Internet access has increased significantly in Senegal, however, access to Internet knowledge and skills remains out of reach for some.

“This new round of SCILLS programme grants will support organisations that connect underserved communities with the critical digital skills needed to unlock economic growth and educational opportunities.”

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