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Tyco Security Products Expands Policy Enforcement, Operational Efficiency with CoCURE 9000 v2.60

Newest version offers a new Web Client user interface and greater security measures for high-risk sites

Tyco Security Products, part of Johnson Controls, introduces the latest version of its C•CURE 9000 security and event management platform that offers users increased operational efficiency, improved processes and procedure compliance as well as greater accountability.

C•CURE 9000 v2.6 has achieved this through a number of core features including a new web based Access Authorization Portal and a new Web Client user interface, which enables specific individuals greater flexibility and efficiency through the use of their mobile devices to perform administrative tasks, such as managing card holder access rights, without the need to return to their terminal.

C•CURE 9000 v2.6 provides greater value for money for the integrator through the integration with the iSTAR Ultra and iSTAR Ultra LT door controllers for an improved distributed solution allowing customer with multiple small to medium sites to be managed as effectively as their larger sites.

This new version also improved the security and accountability during the more challenging out of hour periods, by allowing security officers to funnel access through a single central point of entry. This also allows security officers to visually verify cardholders before they are allowed to access to the specific areas of the building assigned to his/her access privileges.

"All these improvements in v2.60 and other releases are a direct result of our listening to customers, the security professionals who work in high security management or mission critical environments," said Rafael Schrijvers, Access Control Product Marketing Manager, EMEA, Tyco Security Products. "Our ability to respond to the needs of these ‘hands-on' experts allows us to better understand their business needs and pain points enabling us to deliver the improvements that matter to them."

Other important benefits delivered by v2.6 include greater protection for highly secure sites such as airports, R&D centers and governmental buildings with a new automated random screening function that uses a screening selection algorithm. Additional security measures include the two-person and team rule, where, for example, a visitor cannot leave a selected room without their host accompanying them.

This latest version of the C•CURE 9000 security and event management platform also supports IPV6 address protocols for the iSTAR Ultra door controller and iSTAR Ultra Video, an access control and video edge device for integrated security monitoring for small sites.

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