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Alviere, Onafriq collaborate on US-Africa payments and remittances

By , Africa editor
Africa , 19 Jan 2024
Pedro Silva, co-founder and CEO, Alviere.
Pedro Silva, co-founder and CEO, Alviere.

Alviere, a global integrated finance platform provider, has been chosen by Onafriq, Africa's digital payments network, to facilitate payments and remittances between the United States and Africa.

Onafriq says that it selected the platform provider for the variety of solutions it offers, its technological knowledge, and sound approach to regulation and compliance.

As a licenced money transmitter in the United States and its territories, Alviere is among the embedded finance providers that facilitate cross-border payments from the US, says Onafriq

“Onafriq will use the Alviere HIVE platform and regulatory framework to process payments from the United States and its territories while adhering to strong anti-money laundering, sanctions, and fraud criteria for US financial institutions. This ensures that clients have a seamless, safe, and secure experience.”

According to Onafriq, cross-border payments are a key lifeline for many African families and merchants, and enabling financial access across borders is a key focus for the company.

Dare Okoudjou, Onafriq founder and CEO, said: “With Alviere’s technology and regulatory coverage, and our footprint across the continent, we will enable fast and secure remittances while facilitating financial access and economic prosperity for Africans.”

Pedro Silva, co-founder and CEO , Alviere, said: “Our joint focus is to enhance financial access for all people regardless of borders, history, or current means.

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