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Nokia, Vodacom partner on 4G in Tanzania

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Tanzania , 07 Jun 2016

Nokia, Vodacom partner on 4G in Tanzania

Nokia and partner Vodacom have announced the rollout out of 4G mobile technology for Vodacom subscribers in Tanzania.

The technology went live in Dar es Salaam on 11 May 2016.

Ian Ferrao, General Manager at Vodacom Tanzania, said, "A massive investment has been done in our network, supplied by Nokia, to offer our subscribers the fastest network in Tanzania".

Ferrao said speeds of up to 80 Mbps were reached during tests. Nokia is also providing 2G and 3G equipment for Vodacom Tanzania in addition to deploying and managing the Vodacom Tanzania network.

"We have partnered with Nokia to roll out the fastest 4G network in Tanzania, with all sites connected to our metropolitan fiber network. All major cities in Tanzania can expect to have Vodacom's 4G network rolled out in the future and the rest of the country in due course – once spectrum becomes available, we will accelerate our roll-out plans. Our vision is to lead Tanzania into the digital age and in order to achieve this we are committed to ensure that we deliver the best 4G services available in the Country."

Pete Beadle, Nokia Country Senior Officer says the launch of 4G technology in Tanzania is an example of the effort Nokia is putting into research and development. "Nokia is spending 4.5 Billion ‎Euro per annum. That is equivalent to the GDP of Dar Es Salaam. It is a serious investment done to make sure we will continue leading innovation to expand the human possibilities of the connected world."

Vodacom Tanzania said it plans to roll out 200 Mbps Mobile Broadband Access "very soon".

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