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Tactile congratulates Mr Price on reaching yet another key milestone

Tactile congratulates Mr Price on reaching yet another key milestone

Tactile Technologies, the official distributor of Elo Touch Solutions in sub-Saharan Africa, today announced that the Mr Price Group had reached yet another key milestone with the installation of its 2500th unit of its out-of-the-box touch screen POS platform that is based on the Elo 2201L 22" zero-bezel touch monitor.

‘Zero-bezel' refers to the monitor being completely (100%) flat, thus allowing for a flush mount installation such as that used by the Mr Price Group. The touch technology is called ‘Surface Acoustic Wave' and is an ELO invention. It features ‘strengthened pure glass' which allows for ‘superb visibility', utilises state-of-the-art LED technology to reduce energy usage instead of the high energy-use CCFL backlights that is incorporated in other touch monitors; and, the product comes close to a ‘zero percent failure rate'. With this 2500th installation, the Mr Price Group now has 55 000 inches of touch technology.

Three quarters of this flush-mounted screen functions as a conventional POS terminal and faces the cashier; whilst the remaining quarter is customer facing and can be used for a varity of applications featuring signature capturing and surveys.

"We congratulate the Mr Price Group for adopting and utilising this out-of-the-box touch screen POS platform," commented Mauro Mercuri group director of Tactile Technologies. "It is a pleasure and a privilege to work with one of the most innovative retailers in the market, not only in South Africa but in the entire EMEA region."

"It's also interesting to note that other retail outlets are now copying the concept that has been so successful within the Mr Price Group," concluded Mercuri, " as there are so many advantages for both the user and customer in this approach."

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