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Egoras launches blockchain-powered EV charging model

By , Nigeria correspondent
18 Mar 2024
An artist’s impression of an Egostation offering charging points for electric vehicles – image supplied.
An artist’s impression of an Egostation offering charging points for electric vehicles – image supplied.

Egoras Technology, a Nigerian energy startup, has unveiled blockchain-powered, electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in Rivers State, Nigeria.

During an interview with ITWeb Africa, Ugoji Harry, CEO, Egoras, explained Egoras’ plan is to leverage its ‘Egochain’ technology, which, he said, would encourage station ownership and expand the Egostation network.

He said this will help boost sustainable transportation and also create an incentive-based system for station owners in Nigeria.

Harry also stated that Egostation has the potential to help accelerate the level of EV adoption in the country. He said this initiative will not only ensure transparency but also incentivise station ownership.

The integration of its blockchain, Egochain, into the Egostation operating model, represented a paradigm shift in the electric vehicle charging landscape, he said.

Egoras recently revealed its plans to introduce APEX 28, a made-in-Nigeria electric vehicle, in April.

Regarding potential partnerships, Harry encouraged stakeholders to seize the opportunity to collaborate in establishing charging stations nationwide, thereby contributing to the expansion of Nigeria’s EV infrastructure.

According to Harry, as more vehicles utilise Egostation for charging, station owners earn rewards in the form of $EGAX block tokens, creating a system that encourages network growth and rewards those who contribute to it.

“By incentivising station ownership and rewarding participation, we are driving the widespread adoption of EVs while simultaneously advancing Nigeria’s EV infrastructure,” he said.

Harry added that Level 3 charging stations, like Egostation, are equipped with DC fast chargers, which have the capability to charge an electric vehicle up to 80% within just 20 minutes.

Level 3 DC fast chargers deliver significantly faster charging times, as compared to traditional Level 2 AC chargers.

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