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HND Films - reinventing itself with SAP Business One from 4MOST

HND Films has implemented SAP Business One for increased business agility and operational efficiencies, data integrity and transparency.

With origins dating back 35 years, HND Films is involved in the manufacture of polypropylene.
Commonly referred to as ‘BOPP', it is a thermoplastic polymer used across a wide range of applications from packaging through to labeling. Known as a ‘first process wrapper', HND Films manufactures this raw material which, in turn, is sold to ‘converters' for individualised printing.

"At its most basic, polypropylene is the material used to manufacture your potato chips packet , sweet wrappers, baked goods for the confectionary industry as well as wrap around labels for beverages," says Jennifer September, Sales Administrator at HND Films. The industry remains intensely competitive with international players claiming a large portion of local sales. "Streamlined, accurate and efficient processes play a hugely significant role in one's ability to compete, and in that survive," stresses September.

February 2015 brought with it new owners, a new name and opportunities to reassess its technology infrastructure. "The preceding company was a much larger entity in terms of manpower," says September. Consequently, HND Films found itself in the market for a business management software solution suited to its current identity. "The previous owners also had a sister company in Germany," continues September, consequently limiting current users with an impossible situation of working on a German based system, further compounded by a complete absence of any form of local support or training manuals.

Despite recent updates, historical data captured many years previously but still available on the legacy system, was having a dire impact on current operations. Far too often the system would reflect old and incorrect stock entries and values, instead of current information. In addition, far too many processes required manual intervention. September cites the example of month end reporting. "Stock counts needed to be done manually and then physically captured, with a lot of human intervention required in order to match the system and produce accurate reports," explains September. This was resulting in unnecessary duplication, countless man hours and much frustration.

Looking ahead, HND Films required a solution capable of meeting evolving business requirements both now and in the future. About to embark on the installation of a new machine for metallization of films produced by HND Films (think silver foil at the back of a potato chips packet), it needed an infrastructure capable of supporting it – from workflow through to input of raw materials and output of finished product.

Familiar with the SAP environment, HND Films were referred to 4most, a leading supplier and implementer of SAP Business One and ERP software technology. Known for its software development capability and hands-on customer support, 4most's reputation and track record made the choice of vendor an easy one. "The 4most team has impressed us from the very first engagement, showing a real understanding of our business and requirements, instilling confidence every step of the way," says September.

Having implemented and gone live this past November, September is in no doubt as to the potential benefits SAP Business one holds for HND Films. "Life is about to get a whole lot easier," she says. From reduced human intervention and manual input through to real-time reporting and access to accurate information, HND Films is looking forward to a more refined approach across the organisation, together with the ability to manage its new machine, integrating it seamlessly into daily operations."

Month-end processes, from trial balances through to invoices, statements, sales figures and stock numbers – normally tedious and time consuming, is another area set to yield great improvements. "We look forward both to greater accuracy as well as significantly quicker turnaround times, together with far greater transparency," says September.

With shareholders situated in another province, access to real-time reliable information has been virtually impossible. SAP Business One is set to change this, providing up to the minute accurate sales data and information via the ease of a mobile application (app).

"We have no doubt that SAP Business One will bring with it the ability to transform our business, placing us firmly in control as we take the next step," says September. However, it remains a big investment, in time as well as money. "One needs to be sure you have the right partner to accompany you on the journey. We have found that in 4most."

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