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NEC XON delivers hybrid power system to Malawi

By , ITWeb
Malawi , 31 Aug 2023
Herman Viljoen, GM Renewables at NEC XON Systems.
Herman Viljoen, GM Renewables at NEC XON Systems.

NEC XON, an African integrator of ICT solutions, has supplied the Malawi Fertiliser Company (MFC) with a Hybrid Power System to safeguard the company's new infrastructure in Nacala, Liwonde, and Blantyre.

According to NEC, the system was installed to boost business productivity throughout the Nacala corridor.

MFC blends and delivers nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium fertiliser combinations to the agricultural sector in the region.

The system installed to support the business includes a 321.5kWp photovoltaic panel, 668.8kWh Battery Energy Storage System, AC infrastructure, 550 kVA generator, and an Energy Management System that can be remotely monitored and controlled.

“The new Liwonde facility is a modern, 15 000m2 structure with a bagging capacity of 2000 metric tons per day and a production capacity of 1000 metric tons per day,” says Herman Viljoen, GM Renewables and storage at NEC XON.

“One of the main challenges faced at Liwonde is consistent, clean energy supply. MFC approached NEC XON to provide and install the hybrid energy plant with backup capacity to support the facility’s operations.”

MFC Liwonde Plant Manager Mark Chapman welcomed the technology, adding it will help the company drive efficiencies.

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