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4Sight expands into AI to meet demand

By , Africa editor
South Africa , 03 Aug 2023
Tertius Zitzke, CEO of 4Sight.
Tertius Zitzke, CEO of 4Sight.

As demand for AI increases in Africa, diversified technology company 4Sight Holdings signals its intention to expand into the area and garner a share of the ballooning market.

According to 4Sight, its client base has strong interest in AI, and the business is already providing solutions that use the technology to boost productivity.

This comes as research shows that the majority of South African IT leaders anticipate that generative AI will have a greater impact on their organisations than other emerging technologies.

A recent Salesforce report says generative AI is set to transform local IT sector, as 83% of IT leaders in South Africa say the role of AI in their organisations is well-defined; a figure poised to grow, as 87% believe generative AI, specifically, will soon have a prominent role in their organisations.

Tertius Zitzke, CEO of 4Sight, says: “We are only at the beginning of a steep learning curve as companies start to integrate AI into the way they do business.”

He says for businesses the goal is for AI to become an agent for delivering business solutions. “We’ve already seen organisations saving at least one and a half hours a day, which when multiplied across all their employees creates an extraordinarily powerful business case.

“AI has huge productivity benefits for companies in all sectors, but it’s important to get the basics right. As the day of true artificial generative intelligence approaches, only companies who have invested in laying the required groundwork will be in a position to keep up to serve all their pillars of digital transformation: people, customer, operations, finance and product innovation.”

“My prediction is that the next big thing is role-based AI, in which the technology will truly begin to complement humans.”

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