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Kenya will begin construction of 1,450 ICT Hubs in 2024

By , Kenya Correspondent
Kenya , 19 Dec 2023
ICT cabinet secretary Eliud Owalo.
ICT cabinet secretary Eliud Owalo.

The Kenyan government has announced plans to build 1,450 ICT hubs for citizen digital literacy training, film creation, and public access to government services in all wards across the country beginning in 2024.

According to ICT cabinet secretary (CS) Eliud Owalo, the hubs would help grow the grassroots ICT sector, which is critical in laying a better foundation for ICT-related development and the digital economy.

"I can assure you that you will not see us in the offices in the New Year. We'll be out in the field deploying the 1,450 digital hubs', he said.

The CS was speaking at the ICT Authority's 10th anniversary celebration in Nairobi.

''With all government services available on the e-citizen platform, and the fact that we are out there training youth at the village level, we are determined to achieve our digital economy dream," he continued.

These ideas were first proposed by the government last year. The suggestions for the hubs are included in Kenya's Digital Masterplan 2022-2032, which governs the systematic delivery of ICT infrastructure, services, and skill development.

It also provides the country with a 10-year strategy for ICT projects to help investors determine their priorities. It lists 19 key initiatives on which the government will focus in order to advance the country's digital transformation.

"Imagine that we can create 300 digital jobs at a single digital hub. We can create 1,500 youths in the hamlet in a constituency with an average of five wards. Despite the fact that these hubs will be based in the village, the youth will be working with both national and international firms," CS Owalo remarked.

He stated that the government was committed to completing the project that would effectively establish Kenya as Africa's ICT powerhouse.

The Digital Economy and ICT permanent secretary (PS) Eng. John Tanui, who was also present at the ceremony, stated that based on the milestones achieved in the last decade, 93% of this country is ready to be a data hub for this continent, and ICT hubs will play an important role in propelling the sector forward.

"In terms of connectivity, we are well positioned, and we need to drive our industry.We are confident that we will accomplish this through the ICT Authority and make the country proud," stated PS Eng. Tanui.

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