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Working from anywhere just got a whole lot easier

A range of Poly solutions, designed with remote workers in mind, means Kathea can help companies ensure their employees are able to communicate and collaborate with flexibility.

The past 18 months have taught businesses of all shapes and sizes some interesting and effective lessons. Perhaps the most crucial of these has been that people truly can work from anywhere, as long as they are given the correct tools.

It is worth noting, however, that although the way we work has changed - in the sense that it is no longer confined to a single place or a time of day – it still boils down to work being a process whereby we get things done. And to do this successfully, clear communication and collaboration is vital, perhaps more vital than ever in today’s remote working environment.

This means that your workforce, wherever they may be, require access to technology that promotes connections, while reducing distractions, according to Deepak Nathoo, Poly Brand Manager at Kathea. Deepak says that it is imperative to ensure your employees have the right equipment to communicate and collaborate with flexibility, while still obtaining consistent call quality.

“One of the more recent challenges businesses have come face to face with has been the need to manage devices across a hybrid estate, where a large number of remote workers may not have access to professional headsets—or any headsets at all,” Deepak says.

“To this end, Poly has a range of solutions, from headsets designed to tune out background noise to portable speakerphones, webcams, video bars and various other collaboration tools. As the most certified and preferred distributor for Poly - formerly Polycom and Plantronics - in Sub-Saharan Africa since 2002, Kathea can assist you to identify the perfect tools for your business, and for your remote staff.”

Poly has the perfect devices and solutions to deploy, manage, monitor, and troubleshoot your entire suite of collaborative devices, continues Deepak, adding that these sleek products will help them to look and sound their best, no matter where they are.

“Kathea, as the preferred distributor for Poly in SA, can assist clients to ask the right questions, and then help them find the most suitable answers. Whether you want to determine the most productive way to communicate while working remotely, or what equipment employees should use for this purpose, we can provide answers.”

“We always recommend audio calls for quick chats and the answering of urgent requests but opt for using video wherever possible, to ensure more meaningful conversations and to counter the lack of in-person interaction. We can also help you to determine which computing devices employees are likely to be using, and if they will be switching between them, as this will influence your choice of headsets, speakerphones and video cameras.”

Ultimately, whether your employees are heads-down at the desk or need to walk and talk, adds Deepak, it comes down to the right equipment to determine whether they can make it a productive day at work.

“Kathea can deliver Poly solutions that block out distracting background noise; deliver clear video for meetings; and offer all-day comfort with maximum privacy and minimal interruptions. Furthermore, for those who frequently participate in calls while in transit, there is also a range of compact devices with long life batteries, that are easy to carry and use.”

“With Kathea’s experience and Poly’s equipment, it just became a lot less complicated to provision and manage devices for your hybrid workforce. Talk to us if you want your hybrid workers to have access to the kind of flexibility that has, until now, only been a theory,” concludes Deepak.

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