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BlackBerry, Sharecare boost consumer-driven healthcare

By , ITWeb
Africa , 12 Jan 2016

BlackBerry, Sharecare boost consumer-driven healthcare

BlackBerry has partnered with Sharecare, a digital health and wellness engagement platform, to provide consumers with better and more secure insights into their health.

Over 41 million people have shared more than six billion data points about their health status and habits with Sharecare. The company uses that information to create a comprehensive health profile, where each user can access their health resources in one place, and connect to the care they need.

BlackBerry COO Marty Beard says the accessibility mobility provides also comes with the increased risk of data breaches that can compromise patient information and care.

"When it comes to managing our health, it is imperative we provide secure solutions that address privacy concerns for organisations like Sharecare, in order to address one of the critical requirements for mass adoption of mobile healthcare solutions."

"This strategic technology collaboration between Sharecare and BlackBerry will integrate Sharecare's proprietary fractal voice analysis into BlackBerry's secure messaging to increase consumer self-awareness, reduce stress and improve relationships, all while providing the gold-standard in consumer privacy," BlackBerry says in a statement.

Sharecare will be the first company to integrate BBM messaging and VOIP infrastructure capabilities into its native application – regardless of smartphone or operating system.

The collaboration will see the companies enabling consumers to safely store, manage and update their health information in one place, as well as letting doctors and healthcare professionals privately communicate with patients, and offer secure tele-health services.

"At Sharecare, we strive to make healthcare more accessible by allowing consumers to ask, learn and act on their health and wellness, and we recognise mobility is an integral way consumers live, transact and interact," says Jeff Arnold, chairman and CEO of Sharecare.

"With BlackBerry, we are safeguarding against vulnerabilities and taking responsibility to address privacy concerns in the healthcare industry.

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