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Gemalto expands its presence in Africa

By , ITWeb
Ivory Coast , 14 Jan 2015

Gemalto expands its presence in Africa

Digital security firm Gemalto has announced plans to open a new technology office in the capital city of Abidjan in Côte d'Ivoire.

According to a statement, by opening the office Gemalto aims to better meet the needs of its customers on the ground throughout West Africa.

The new technology hub aims to further foster the digital development of the local economic fabric, reads the statement.

It was also noted that the technology hub will leverage skill transfer and the pool of engineering excellence available in the country.

"Gemalto is playing a key role in the digital revolution taking place in Africa, and has already demonstrated its position as a major player in the field of telecommunications, banking services and governmental programmes," noted Eric Claudel, president of Africa & Middle East for Gemalto.

"This new expertise and engineering hub will allow the implementation of an inverted innovation process, repurposing existing solutions to meet the needs and specificities of the local market. It also aims at designing Côte d'Ivoire's products of tomorrow, in line with its president's priority to turn it into an emerging country by 2020," Claudel added.

Gemalto's presence in Africa includes offices and partnerships in South Africa, Gabon, Ghana, Morocco, Burkina, Kenya and Nigeria.

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