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Beninese Glo-Mobile subscribers given 12 week deadline for move to Etisalat

Beninese Glo-Mobile subscribers given 12 week deadline for move to Etisalat

Benin’s telecommunications regulator ARCEP has announced a three month deadline starting on the 23rd of January 2018 for subscribers on the Glo-Mobile network to move to its former competitor Etisalat Mobile (trading as Moov) after negotiations for renewal of the Nigeria headquartered telcos operating licence failed last year.

Hervé Coovi GUEDEGBE, Executive Secretary of ARCEP has reassured subscribers that Etisalat will be able to serve them in Glo-Mobile’s place throughout the West African country.

“The Glo-Mobile Benin license expired on August 19, 2017. The discussions concerning its renewal could not succeed despite the proposals made by the Government to the operator for facilities, investments and exploitation. In order to ensure continuity of service, ARCEP-Benin informs subscribers of the Glo-Mobile network that the blocks of numbers 68, 98 and 99 are reassigned to Etisalat Benin, who has the technical capacity to provide service to all subscribers throughout the national territory.”

ARCEP has taken a hardline against mobile network operators in Benin over the last few months. The regulator issued a sanction against Etisalat’s Moov mobile network in June 2017 for its alleged failure to comply with the obligations of its specifications relating to the security of its network as well as what it described as breach of quality of service obligations. MTN Benin and Glo-Mobile were also sanctioned for a breach of service quality obligations in the same month.

In November, Stephen Blewett, the CEO of MTN Benin received notice from the government of Benin, requesting him to leave the country due to his engagement in “activities detrimental to security and public order”, allegations that MTN has since denied.

Coovi GUEDEGBE says GLO-Mobile sim card holders will need to visit Etisalat branches and ticket offices for their transfer to be effected.

“ARCEP invites subscribers to (be) calm and reassures them that the provisions are taken to facilitate their formalities. ARCEP reminds that any subscriber who has not completed the formalities within three (03) months from January 23, 2018 will lose the property of his number. For further information, please contact the One Stop Shop provided by ARCEP through contacting the toll free number 131, or the number 21310165, or by email at

Globacom Nigeria, who are the owners of Glo-Mobile did not respond to requests for comment on the latest developments as well as clarity on what would happen to Glo-Mobile sponsorship of events in Benin including the African Handball tournament and the FITHEB cultural festival.

The latest available telecommunications sector statistics issued by ARCEP in 2016 show that Glo-Mobile employs 125 people and has 1 038 383 active mobile subscribers in Benin.

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