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Egypt’s military ‘jamming’ Al Jazeera broadcast signals

By , IT in government editor
Egypt , 04 Sep 2013

Egypt’s military ‘jamming’ Al Jazeera broadcast signals

Qatar based television broadcaster, Al Jazeera, has accused Egyptian military forces of deliberately ‘jamming’ its satellite broadcast signals in Egypt.

Investigations conducted by what Al Jazeera says is a group of independent experts have found that external forces have been ‘interfering’ with Al Jazeera’s broadcast signals.

Subsequently, Al Jazeera says it has changed its frequencies several times to allow Egyptian viewers to continue to watch its news and sport channels.

Furthermore, the Al Jazeera investigators say the jamming that has interrupted its broadcast signals began on July 7.

It has also been reported that after the military coup in Egypt, which resulted in the overthrow of President Mohamed Morsi, Al Jazeera has come under pressure with its offices raided a number of times and its journalists arrested.

"Trackers have pinpointed locations east and west of Cairo, and specifically identified military installations as the source of the satellite interference," says Al Jazeera.

According to Al Jazeera, the first source of jamming has been identified on the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Highway, west of the capital.

A second location where the alleged jamming has occurred has been east of Cairo, along the Cairo-Suez highway.

The site where the jamming appeared to be originating from includes a large military installation annexed to a building equipped with satellite antennas and a telecommunications tower, reads the report.

An additional two jammings have also been identified at other spots in the Egyptian capital of Cairo.

This is not the first time that Egyptian military forces have come under fire for attacks on media.

There has been a number of reports about international journalists being detained, beaten and even killed.

Al Jazeera reported that on Monday, three members of a TV crew working for Al Jazeera English, the sister channel of Al Jazeera's Egypt channel, Al Jazeera Mubasher Misr, were detained for nearly a week.

The crew were accused of working illegally but were subsequently deported.

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