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Angola: authorities look to increase internet traffic

By , ITWeb
Africa , 22 Dec 2014

Angola: authorities look to increase internet traffic

The launch of Proximity Digital Libraries across certain regions in Angola has prompted authorities to call for an increase in the number of internet users.

In a report by AngolaPress the country's Minister of Telecommunications Jose' de Carvalho da Rocha is said to have expressed a desire for more internet users in the provinces of Malanje, Cabinda and Uige – particularly because of the introduction of libraries.

The province of Luanda was cited as an example and at the launch of its Digital Library, the Minister has been quoted as saying he wanted to see an improvement in the Province's current level of 45,000.

Pedro Sebastião Teta, coordinator of the Digital Library Network (REMA) said the launch was part of the institution's project writes AngolaPress.

According to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the percentage of individuals using the internet in Angola in 2013 was 19.10% and 16.94% in 2012.

In August 2014 the country's oil, gas and banking sectors received a boost to overall broadband capability when satellite services provider Intelsat S.A. entered into a multi-year agreement with fixed telecoms provider MSTelcome, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Angolan national oil and gas company Sonangol E.P.

The two companies issued a joint statement saying, "MSTelcom will leverage Intelsat's satellite and network expertise to offer high quality, reliable and cost-efficient broadband service to consumers and corporations operating in the oil and gas and banking sectors within Angola. Under the agreement, Intelsat will deliver a fully managed broadband service that provides Internet access into and out of Angola. The network will leverage C- band capacity on Intelsat 14 at 315º East and on Intelsat 22 at 72º East, as well as the company's IntelsatOne terrestrial network."

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