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Gemalto wins Algeria e-passport contract

By , Editor, ITWeb Africa
Africa , 22 May 2014

Gemalto wins Algeria e-passport contract

Algeria has awarded global digital security firm Gemalto with a contract to assist with the country’s electronic passport programme.

Gemalto is set to provide the Algerian government with its embedded ‘eTravel’ software and special passport covers.

The software will help with the advanced production and delivery capabilities to ensure rapid deployment of e-passports whilst enhancing traveling experience for Algerian citizens. Meanwhile, Gemalto’s water resistant ‘Sealys eCovers’ are designed to meet durability and quality requirements of the Algerian programme.

Algeria’s e-passports consist of electronic chips and biometric features aimed at reducing identity theft and fraud.

“We needed a reliable partner to ensure that the e-passports are delivered as quickly as possible to citizens throughout the country,” said Algerian government agency, the Hôtel des Monnaies de la Banque d’Algérie, in a statement.

“Gemalto has the global experience and service level, including redundancy production capabilities, to enable us to perform the smooth issuance of the documents in all phases of the program,” said the agency.

A. Bouzbib, senior vice president of government programmes at Gemalto, said, “The worldwide conversion from paper identity documents to e-documents is continuing and Gemalto expects that over 50% of passports in circulation in 2017 will embed a microprocessor.”

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