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Arch Retail Systems now accredited Angolan POS service provider

Angola implemented value-added tax (“VAT”) in 2019 and this regime is governed by the General Tax Administration (“AGT”). Because of the implementation of VAT in Angola, several legislative changes/revocations were implemented. See background information

Arch Retail embarked on the Angolan Compliance Project to ensure Angolan stores running on the Arch suite of products are compliant and in line with the requirements of AGT.

Arch Retail Software have now integrated the following:

• Legal regime of invoicing and equivalent documents requirement

• Include the name, firm, tax address, and tax number of the supplier

• Be duly dated, sequentially numbered

• Include details on the nature, quantity, and price of the goods and services, as well as the taxes due

• Be written in Portuguese and expressly mention that they were digitally processed

• Publish Standard Audit File for Tax (SAF-T)

• Certification of accounting/billing systems

Arch will continue to address the requirements of their African clients. Another example is the development and implementation of dual-currency capabilities for retailers in Zimbabwe:

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