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Ghana: Tigo, Airtel merger finalised

Ghana , 16 Oct 2017

Ghana: Tigo, Airtel merger finalised

The merger between Tigo and Airtel in Ghana has been completed, and Roshi Motman, General Manager of Tigo Ghana has been appointed as CEO of the yet-to-be named newly established venture.

In a statement Millicom said both Tigo and Airtel have agreed to combine their operations in Ghana, with both , Millicom and Airtel holding hold equal ownership and governance rights in the combined entity - set to become Ghana's second largest operator.

The merger is expected to help the company improve coverage and bolster its service offering in the country, including better services in urban and rural areas. The objective is to enable wider access to communication solutions for businesses and mobile financial services.

"Through an efficient delivery of superior customer experience, high-speed data, innovative product mix and wider network coverage the new combined business will challenge the market leader, improve the competitive dynamics of the telecoms sector and in the long-term, strengthen the mobile ecosystem," Tigo Ghana stated.

This official announcement of the merger also coincided with the decision of Lucy Quist to step down as the CEO of Airtel Ghana. In a statement, she said she is moving on to the next chapter.

"It has been a truly remarkable journey and I thank each and every one of you for your support, encouragement and business partnership over the course of my stewardship. We are proud of our achievements," Quist said.

Quist is credited as the first female Ghanaian to lead a multinational telecoms company.

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