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Zambesi Gold launches mineral-backed crypto token

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Zambia , 17 May 2024
Zambesi Gold has launched a gold-backed crypto token.
Zambesi Gold has launched a gold-backed crypto token.

The mining company Zambesi Gold (ZGD) has introduced a gold and asset-backed crypto token pledging to blend the security of tangible assets with the advantages of digital investment.

ZGD said it distinguishes itself in the competitive landscape of gold and asset-backed tokens by securing its value through existing gold reserves and ongoing gold mining activities.

South African-located ZGD, through the strategic acquisition of shallow reef reserves and exploration of additional mining opportunities, has positioned itself to extract gold at significantly reduced costs.

According to the company, this strategy promises token holders a substantial return, as gold is produced at production costs rather than prevailing market rates.

“Gold is not called a precious metal for nothing. It’s got soul," said Koos van Straaten, CEO, ZGD.

ZGD was initially launched two years ago on Bitmart exchange, marking a significant milestone in the project's journey.

Since then, the token has garnered attention for its approach of combining the value of gold with the digital nature of crypto currency.

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