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Zapper, FlySafair partner to simplify flight payments

Zapper, FlySafair partner to simplify flight payments

Airline FlySafair and South African mobile payments app Zapper have partnered to make it easier for travellers to pay for flights.

Zapper allows users to make fast and secure payments with their smartphones, using QR code technology to provide all-in-one mobile payments to a variety of businesses and brands across the retail, hospitality, retail, bills, fuel and convenience and ecommerce sectors.

The partnership with FlySafair means travellers can now use the Zapper app to pay for FlySafair tickets online, as well as at the airline's web kiosk and sales desk at OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg.

The new payment option is designed to eliminate the need for passengers to complete mandatory payment information fields, with customers able to simply select the option to pay with Zapper, scan a QR code with their smartphone, and confirm the amount due.

"By introducing Zapper as an additional payment method, we provide our customers more options and greater flexibility. Zapper is a good fit in driving FlySafair's strategy to become the most innovative airline in the country - driven by leading edge technology trends and seamless user behaviour," said Eswee Vorster, FlySafair's head of IT and innovation.

The partnership makes FlySafair the first air carrier to pilot Zapper payments, with the airline believing this propels customer service in air travel to the next level. Meanwhile, the move sees Zapper extend its footprint beyond the hospitality, retail, bills and donations sectors.

"As mobile drives the future of payments forward, Zapper continues to champion the cause by providing a rewarding payment option that enhances users' lifestyles. Faster and more efficient checkouts when paying for flights is yet another way we bring additional convenience to peoples' lives," said Konrad Karczmarczyk, regional sales manager for Zapper South Africa.

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