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Teraco announces access to Google’s Africa Cloud Region

By , ITWeb
South Africa , 07 Feb 2024
Michele McCann, Head of Platforms at Teraco.
Michele McCann, Head of Platforms at Teraco.

Teraco, a vendor-neutral data centre provider, has announced that its Isando Campus, in Johannesburg, will provide direct connectivity to the Google Cloud region via Google Cloud Interconnect.

This comes after Google announced last week the launch of its first Google Cloud region in Africa, in Johannesburg.

According to Teraco, Google Cloud Interconnect eliminates the need for traffic to traverse the public Internet and offers “low-latency, high-availability connections that allow businesses to transport data safely via direct physical connections between clients' on-premises networks and the Google network”.

Teraco said yesterday that Google Cloud provides effective compute and networking performance, a comprehensive portfolio of infrastructure and platform cloud services. Other capabilities include data management, machine learning and artificial intelligence, and blockchain, said the company.

"Our direct connections to the Google Cloud infrastructure ensure our clients have direct, secure access to the critical IT resources they need,” says Michele McCann, head of platforms at Teraco.

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