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Botswana digitises stock market to drive financial inclusion

By , Africa editor
Botswana , 05 Apr 2024
Thapelo Tsheole CEO, Botswana Stock Exchange.
Thapelo Tsheole CEO, Botswana Stock Exchange.

The Botswana Stock Exchange (BSE) and Stanbic Bank unveiled the country's first tech-driven platform this week to promote financial literacy and investing culture.

The simulation platform provides potential investors with hands-on experience in stock trading, allowing them to understand key trading, stock selection, and portfolio management concepts in a virtual setting.

According to the two parties, the engagement between the BSE and Stanbic Bank Botswana, with the latter sponsoring $110,000 (P1.485m) over three years, shows the strength of partnership in addressing societal concerns.

To raise awareness of the platform, the BSE and Stanbic Bank Botswana are incorparating the Stock Market Simulator into this year’s annual Senior Secondary School Finance and Investment Competition.

The competition was introduced to educate students about the necessity of financial management at the grassroots level, thereby cultivating a culture of investing and saving from an early age.

The Stock Market Simulator is accessible on the BSE's website, as well as the App Store and Google Play.

Thapelo Tsheole CEO, BSE, said: “It (the simulator) is designed to cater to individuals of all backgrounds and levels of experience, from seasoned investors to those taking their first steps into the world of finance.

“Through user-friendly interfaces and comprehensive educational resources, we aim to demystify the stock market and make investing more approachable, vibrant and engaging for all.”

Chose Modise, CEO, Stanbic Bank Botswana, stated: “This occasion represents a significant step towards democratising access to financial markets and fostering a culture of informed investment decision-making.

“It is thus aligned with our commitment to empowering individuals and communities through financial education and inclusion, whilst also building on the BSE’s long-term efforts to drive greater market education.”

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