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Madagascar’s Telma partners Vodafone to link 2Africa

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Africa , Madagascar , 15 Feb 2023

Study by RT International says 2Africa is expected to have an economic impact of between US$ 26.2 and US$36.9-billion within two to three years after its commissioning.

Madagascar telecommunications services provider Telma has partnered with Vodafone to link the island nation to the cable system and strengthen its international connectivity.

The 2Africa East cable system, which incorporates Mahajanga, will be ready for service by Q4 2023.

The companies said businesses and consumers will benefit from improved quality, reliability and lower latency for internet services, including telecommuting, high-definition video streaming, and advanced multimedia applications.

Alcatel Submarine Networks (ASN) is responsible for deploying this 45 000-kilometre cable system, designed with a capacity of 180 Tbits per second, it will interconnect 33 countries in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.

At 45000km long, 2Africa is one of the world’s largest subsea cables serving Africa today. With the added capacity across the continent, the telecommunications infrastructure is expected to support the growth of 4G and 5G, and fixed broadband access for millions of people.

Stakeholders have cited a study by RT International, according to which 2Africa is expected to have an economic impact of between US$ 26.2-and US$36.9-billion, or the equivalent of 0.42-0.58% of Africa's GDP, within two to three years after its commissioning.

Benefits for Madagascar

For Madagascar, 2Africa's seamless connectivity will be a game-changer for numerous economic sectors by allowing access to the highest-speed internet network, says Patrick Pisal Hamida, CEO of Telma Madagascar.

“Beyond the business scope, we aim to offer every Malagasy the opportunity and means to become a citizen of the digital world. 2Africa will also be an asset to meet many of the UN Sustainable Development Goals related to internet connectivity and a major step in the realisation of the Malagasy state vision 'Initiative for the Emergence of Madagascar,” he says.

Telma remains the main telecommunication investor in Madagascar.

The company asserts that its investments in the national fibre optic backbone (10,000 km), the main telecommunication pylon parc (1,600 sites), and the three existing international subsea cables (EASSy, LION, METISS) gave the country a competitive advantage to attract foreign Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies.

EASSy, LION, METISS, and 2Africa connect the Island to the world through Telma's national backbone, which is the only fibre optic infrastructure serving the country's major cities.

Stephane Oudin, CEO of AXIAN Telecom, adds, “AXIAN Telecom strives to push the boundaries of digital inclusion in Africa and we are pleased to be working with our partners in the 2Africa initiative to support this goal. By bringing faster and more reliable internet to businesses and consumers alike, 2Africa transformative subsea cable is a key enabler to help shaping the digital future of the countries we operate in.”

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