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Kyocera Document Solutions SA celebrates 11 years of partnership with NPO Potter's House Training Centre

Kyocera Document Solutions SA celebrates 11 years of partnership with NPO Potter's House Training Centre

KYOCERA Document Solutions (KDZA) and non-profit organisation Potter's House Training Centre are pleased to announce the 11th anniversary of their close collaboration on the education and training of South Africans interested in xerography. In that time, the partnership has produced 220 graduates from underprivileged backgrounds who can confidently enter the working world, armed with the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in the field of copier and printer servicing and repairs.

This year is particularly special, as it sees the biggest number of female graduates to ever complete the programme at Potter's House: nine women were part of the 37-strong group of graduates who received their qualifications this year.

Last year saw the very first female graduate from Potter's House's xerography programme - Katlego Ramotshabi. She spoke at this year's graduation ceremony, saying "When I was first asked to join the programme, I was beyond frightened, because I had never met a female technician before, and I did not know what to expect. Where I come from, most people have no knowledge of this industry and if it were not for Potter's House, I probably would not be one of them."

She went on to encourage the other graduates with "One thing I have learned in the workplace so far, is just how important it is to take in whatever knowledge and skills that surround you. I cannot stress enough the importance of learning: learn your product, the company goals, vision, and mission, learn how to conduct yourself in a working environment and learn the language and the jargon. We can be innovative and come up with mind-blowing ideas, or we could simply be efficient technicians; either way, we should do the best we can, and make the most of this opportunity."

2017 Graduates of the Potter's House xerography training, supported by Kyocera Document Solutions South Africa. Wayne Holborn, Managing Director of KYOCERA Document Solutions South Africa, said that "While education is vital in South Africa to uplift people and change their quality of life for the better, so too is closing the gender disparity gap. South Africa ranks 15th out of 144 countries on its level of gender parity, but there is still room for improvement. We're especially delighted at the diversity we're seeing in the group of people taking part in this vital training, and we're proud to be contributing to the movement toward equality in our own industry, through initiatives like our partnership with Potter's House Training Centre."

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