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Arch Retail Systems with Spar in Angola

Arch Retail Systems with Spar in Angola

In an exciting development, Spar South Africa recently opened its first store in the oil-rich city of Cabinda in northern Angola. Spar joined forces with Webcor, a group with extended business interests in Africa, to establish and grow the Spar brand in Angola.

The modern, newly built store of 2 700sqm is a fully fledged supermarket with Bakery, Food-To-Go and Butchery service departments, a range of household appliances and a pleasant coffee shop where customers can take a break and relax.

Arch Retail Systems, a leading service provider in southern Africa, was selected as the point-of-sale (POS) partner of choice in the Cabinda store and will also form part of the aggressive growth plans for Spar in Angola. Arch is operational on the all-in-one touch screen units – sturdy, compact and fan-less hardware renowned for reliability and low maintenance, truly a POS device well suited for the harsh African retail conditions.

Arch In-store provides rich functionality to ensure an optimal store running at peak profitability. The full suite of Arch Retail products has been successfully implemented in the group, providing Webcor and Spar with all the management tools to facilitate aggressive growth. These include Arch Enterprise (centralised head office module for multi stores), Arch Mobile (in-store, multi-fuctional mobile capability) and Financial Integration (seamless integration between Arch and Pastel).

Arch is already running in Kamba Market Viana (Luanda), the Kamba brand being the smaller supermarket chain of Webcor. In the broader Angolan context, Arch is also the software of choice in Food Lover's Market. With the opening of Tira Hipermercado in Ondjiva shortly, an Arch footprint will also be established in the south.

David Geldenhuys, Marketing Executive Officer of Arch Retail, says: "We are excited to be part of the birth of Spar in Angola and are proud to be a business partner going forward. We've seen a strong drive to formalise retail in a number of African countries, which creates partnership opportunities for us and ties in with our company's African business growth strategy."

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