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Namibia's MTC announces N$1,1 billion infrastructure investment

Namibia's MTC announces N$1,1 billion infrastructure investment

Namibian mobile network operator Mobile Telecommunications Limited (MTC) has announced plans to invest N$1.1 billion dollars to expand its network capacity through a project named 081EVERY1 over the next two years.

The company says the initiative, officially launched by Deputy Minister of ICT Stanley Simaata, marks the beginning of a journey towards 100% population density coverage on its local network.

Thinus Smit, Acting Chief Executive Officer at MTC says the project will commence in October 2017 and run until October 2019.

"With the increasing usage of smartphones and rise in mobile broadband, MTC saw the need to enhance the quality of its network for greater customer satisfaction. There is a noticeable rapid growth in technology, where customers engage in an increasing number of ways with the network and this enhanced network coverage project will aid these communications."

MTC plans to construct more than 524 new network sites in a move it says will result in a tenfold increase of its footprint, which will benefit rural areas.

A total of 412 new sites will be erected in rural areas and 88 new sites in urban areas in all 14 regions of Namibia, according to the telco.

3G will also be rolled out in major rural areas previously only serviced through 2G as MTC only has full 3G and 4G coverage in urban areas, with limited coverage in most rural areas which are covered by 2G.

Smit says the upcoming investment is driven towards the anticipation of full system convergence especially with pending IoT (Internet of Things) and the long awaited 5G technology.

Elvis Nashilongo, Board Chairperson at MTC says the board wishes to ensure that MTC's strategic mission continues to resonate with customers' expectation for affordable and practical telecommunication services in Namibia.

"Quality of network infrastructure is the foundation of digitalisation and the network connects us both globally and locally, allowing us all to benefit from the information society. Poor network coverage has been one of the main customer complaints and as MTC took heed of the customers' requests seriously this billion-dollar project has been introduced. We are fully aware of the advance and ever-changing telecommunications technology, and last year's 4.5G trial is an indication that MTC will always strive to keep up with the latest technology,"

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