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European blockchain firm gets BotswanaPost’s stamp of approval

BotswanaPost has inked a deal with European blockchain development company, Stampsdaq Estonia OU, to apply non-fungible token (NFT) technology and digitally transform the country’s official postage stamp management.

BotswanaPost CEO Cornelius Ramatlhakwane, said, “Recognising the value and prospects of the innovation, we firmly believe in blockchain solutions for global philately, and in particular for BotswanaPost. Stamps have always been considered “the ambassadors” of the country’s cultural, natural, economical and other achievements to the world. With NFT stamps, we aim to create a whole new level of collection experience for all collectors around the world, and Stampsdaq’s business model suits our needs perfectly.”

Stampsdaq is a dedicated NFT stamps platform targeted at the postal operation market and based on a ‘collect with benefits’ model for the global collector community.

BotswanaPost is the third postal operator on the platform joining La Poste de Côte d'Ivoire and Bhutan Post, whose NFT stamps are already selling on

CEO of Stampsdaq, Andrii Shapovalov said, “At Stampsdaq, we believe that using blockchain and NFT tech to enhance such an established and trusted collectibles market as philately is a perfect opportunity to bridge millions of aging philatelists with their more tech-friendly children and grandchildren, and I am glad that BotswanaPost has decided to join us in this journey.”

According to BotswanaPost, the country’s first postage stamps were issued in 1966 and to date, the collection boasts over 1100 unique stamp motifs.

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