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Paratus, Ceragon partner to provide offshore comms in Africa

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Angola , Mozambique , 11 Jul 2023

The Paratus Group has signed a multi-year agreement with Ceragon Networks to provide high-capacity wireless offshore communication solutions in Angola, Mozambique and Namibia.

With the agreement, Paratus says it combines Ceragon’s technology for offshore assets (rigs, floating production storage and offloading platforms commonly known as FPSOs) with its own onshore network infrastructure to provide fast and secure transmission of vital data.

Ceragon – a provider of 5G wireless transport – connects offshore floating, rotating and navigating infrastructure via a uniquely stabilised live microwave link over distances of up to 100km offshore to the Paratus network to provide high-quality connectivity.

In a statement, Paratus said: “For oil and gas companies that have offshore infrastructure, high levels of risk prevail in a harsh oceanic environment, making reliable and resilient communications infrastructure an imperative.

“Reliable communications are needed to keep onshore monitors in constant contact with their offshore facilities. The communications equipment needs not only to withstand corrosion and difficult conditions, but also to meet ever-increasing safety regulations when, for example, operating the equipment in highly explosive environments.”

It added: “Ceragon has an in-house certified solution that complies with ATEX Zone 1 and 2 specifications and fully meets these stringent safety requirements.”

Chief technical officer of the Paratus Group, Rolf Mendelsohn, commented: “By partnering with Ceragon, we will now be able to provide solutions for offshore operations that need high capacity to transmit data at high speed and with low latency.

“Having worked with Ceragon for many years in Angola, this was a natural and logical evolution of our working relationship.

“Our newly upskilled technical teams are now working with the Ceragon technicians to deliver this world-class solution in southern Africa."

For Ceragon, this alliance is the fusion of two players with strengths that offer a compelling solution for any energy or mining company with offshore assets and needs to communicate, monitor and survey equipment and data at any time.

Oil and gas global sales manager at Ceragon, Adam Torry, explained: “While our tried and tested stabilising equipment for the offshore environment has been successfully deployed in other parts of the world, this agreement is a first for Africa.

“Critically, energy companies prefer to work with one supplier for a solution of this complexity rather than multiple service providers, and this agreement means that we can fulfil that requirement and offer a one-stop shop for operators in the African oil and gas industry.”

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