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HP backs Nigeria’s Tech Experience Centre

By , ITWeb
Nigeria , 22 Sep 2020

HP has affirmed its support of Nigeria’s Tech Experience Centre technology project and said the resource will herald a new technological wave in the West African country.

The company is one of the OEMs that will be represented in the Centre, located within Yudala Heights at 13 Idowu Martins, Victoria Island, Lagos, and scheduled for official launch on 1 October 2020.

Ife Afe, Managing Director – Nigeria and District Manager – Central Africa (CAF) at HP said launch of the centre will bridge the gap to complete technology adoption for millions of Nigerians.

She said: “I do believe Nigerians are early adopters of new and exciting technology. Having a dedicated space where people can view and experience cutting-edge technology across rich and diverse portfolio is an important step towards complete Adoption.

“Technology is about transformation. This tech centre will serve as a bridge, taking people from the imaginative stage to the experiential stage, thereby unlocking a new technological wave. I am very glad that TD Africa is taking this bold step and I look forward to the great collaborations that will flow out of this initiative.”

Afe reiterated the strong interest in Nigeria by the tech brand.

“We are strong believers in the Nigerian project and the boundless potential inherent in the population when exposed to cutting-edge technology. We also value the foresight and vision of our long-time partner and co-developer – TD Africa. We are proud of this project and are confident of its success and positive impact not just in the sphere of business but also in human capital development.”

“It will be the crucial meeting point of people and technology. Our wide spectrum of products and solutions will cater to all demographics - from first time users to specialists, professionals, gamers to moviemakers, work or play,” she affirmed.

Those behind the project believe it will boost Nigeria’s relevance in the global technology race and strengthen the country’s technology independence.

According to TD Africa: “For the first time, Nigeria will play host to the latest global technologies including those not normally available in Africa, offering all classes of visitors a first-hand experience of new gadgets, solutions and infrastructure that would have previously required a visit abroad, thereby saving corporate organisations, government establishments and individuals money or scarce foreign exchange expended on these trips.”

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