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Cameroon deploys US$155m emergency telecommunications network

By , Freelance Investigative Journalist
Cameroon , 18 Jul 2022

A telecommunications network specifically designed to help Cameroon coordinate response to emergencies is expected to be fully implemented by year-end and will be rolled out nationally according to the country’s Minister of Posts and Telecommunications Minette Libom Li Likeng.

The US$155-million National Emergency Telecommunications Network (NETN), funded by the Exim Bank of China, is being constructed by Chinese telecommunications company ZTE Corporation.

The implementation rate of the project now stands at 90.69%, officials said, as ZTE looks to complete works by year-end.

NETN will be manned by personnel from the Ministry who have been trained by ZTE.

The NETN comprises five main components: emergency communications system, video surveillance system, videoconferencing facility, e-police system and trunked radio system. It is also connected to ten regional centres.

Minister Li Likeng said the infrastructure will enable Cameroon better respond to emergencies, including crime, health crises, terrorism and natural disasters.

She added that the trunked radio system will enable government services to manage emergencies “in a confidential and secure manner”, without having to rely on or put pressure on public networks.

By using the toll free number 112, anyone, irrespective of whether they have an SIM card or not, can place an emergency call and link to the NETN.

Minister Li Likeng said: “A national emergency telecommunications plan was drawn up not only to mitigate the deficit in telecommunications resources suffered by the main administrations in charge of these issues (emergencies and disasters), but also to guarantee the availability of operational telecommunications, as and when required, in response to emergency situations throughout the country.”

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