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Sama enables multi-cloud connectivity in Kenya

By , Kenya Correspondent
Kenya , 25 Jan 2024
Annepeace Alwala, vice president of global delivery at Sama.
Annepeace Alwala, vice president of global delivery at Sama.

Sama, a US-based provider of data annotation and model validation solutions, has announced the global activation of its multi-cloud integration in Kenya.

According to the company, the launch of the multi-cloud system integration saves customers resources and makes it easier to comply with internal and globally recognised security standards.

Sama service executives in many of its corporate offices, including Kenya and Uganda, may now access customer data stored on all three global cloud storage providers: AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.

When she confirmed the local activation, Sama's vice president of global service delivery, Annepeace Alwala, said the solution would allow the firm's clients to keep their data on any of the three major global cloud providers while giving Sama seamless and secure access to that data, reducing data transfer costs.

The activation in Kenya is supported locally by Safaricom Fibre Optic network links, which enable the download and upload speeds required for Machine Learning models to operate well.

The multi-cloud integration has the potential to make Sama one of Kenya's largest data bandwidth consumers, providing AI value chain export services. the company said.

"With these new integrations, customer onboarding can be shortened to a single day, accelerating the process by up to seven times. This would boost Kenya's competitiveness as an attractive investment and export services destination, highlighting its role as the true Silicon Savannah," Alwala added.

Duncan Curtis, Sama's senior vice president of product and technology, added: "To adequately address the many different edge cases that can lead to model failure in fields like AgTech, autonomous driving, and e-commerce, an enormous dataset is required.

“Sama's new connectivity with major cloud providers enables us to access these datasets on behalf of our clients in a timely, secure, and cost-effective manner. The sooner we complete onboarding, the sooner we can help our clients bring their models to market."

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