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Exclusive Networks – First Half 2022 Financial Results


Exclusive Networks, a global leader in cyber security, on 14 September released financial results for the six months ended June 30, 2022.

Jesper Trolle, CEO, commented: “I am really proud of the excellent results we delivered in the first half of the year. As always, our teams around the world have been instrumental to this performance and I want to warmly thank them for their hard work. Not only did we deliver record half-year Gross Sales but we also managed to grow our profitability faster than our top line, and generate cash faster than in the past. Market dynamics during the first half of the year have remained favourable and we continue seeing strong market trends given the critical importance for businesses and public entities of all sizes of an adequate cyber security infrastructure.

“Our positioning as the only global pure player in cybersecurity and our unparalleled execution capabilities enable us to deliver growth above the market, with our backlog remaining as strong as it has been.

“We recognise the increasingly challenging macroeconomic environment worldwide, however, our strong start to the year carrying on into the second half of the year, robust forward indicators and the growing strategic importance of cybersecurity provide us with good visibility for the rest of 2022. Therefore, and in the absence of any unforeseen events, we are confident in our capacity to deliver on the upward revision to the outlook we release today for the full year.”

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