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Nemesysco taps into Africa’s growing interest in voice analysis tech

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Africa , South Africa , 28 Oct 2021
Lelani Rautenbach.
Lelani Rautenbach.

Voice analysis technology and services provider Nemesysco has appointed Lelani Rautenbach as the new Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the Nemesysco Service Centre Africa in South Africa. The executive appointment comes as the company looks to exploit Africa’s growing interest in voice analysis technology, particularly in government, law enforcement and insurance.

Nemesysco Service Centre Africa was established in 1997 and is responsible for promoting the company’s technology and solutions and supporting its customers across Africa.

According to the company Rautenbach will be directly responsible for fostering Nemesysco’s growth in South Africa and providing strategic vision to customers on how to leverage the company’s voice analytics technology to enhance decision-making processes.

Nemesysco’s voice analytics technology is designed to reveal the genuine emotional state of a person. The technology detects and measures uncontrolled psychophysiological changes to a person’s voice during open conversations.

It is indifferent to language or the content of speech and can detect and measure a range of emotions, including excitement, enthusiasm, assertiveness, aggression, stress, frustration, fatigue and more.

She will be working together with Guy van Damme, CEO of Nemesysco Service Centre Africa, to expand the company’s footprint across both South Africa and Africa at large.

In a statement the company described Rautenbach is one of South Africa’s most experienced operators of the Nemesysco technology and has developed an expertise in investigating fraud and assessing risk using the company’s investigation tools.

She previously served as the COO of a large forensic service centre that utilises Nemesysco’s technology to validate claims and conduct risk assessments for insurance and other financial services companies in South Africa.

Nemesysco’s customers in South Africa include government and law enforcement which use the company’s technology as an investigation tool for their vetting processes as well as internal and external investigations from criminal profiling to hostage negotiations.

Roxane Ferreira, Senior Manager of Internal Integrity at the Special Investigating Unit of the South African government, said, “The SIU has been using the Nemesysco technology as part of our internal screening processes since 2010.”

Nemesysco said it also has a strong footprint in the insurance sector. Customers in this vertical market use the technology as forensic tools to improve risk assessment processes and to reduce the time required to validate insurance claims.

Mellisa Pillay, Manager at the Forensic Service Centre at LexForensics, explained, “With the Nemesysco technology, we are able to assist our clients, which include insurance providers, brokers and underwriters, to swiftly settle low risk claims and direct their time and resources to high risk claims.”

Of her appointment, Rautenbach said, “These are exciting times for Nemesysco in South Africa and I am proud to be leading the company’s operations in the country.”

Amir Liberman, CEO of Nemesysco, added, “Our customers in South Africa were among the early adaptors of our voice analytics technology and many have been using our solutions for genuine emotion detection for over twenty years. We are confident that Lelani will lead our continued growth and success in South Africa and the region.”

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