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BoFiNet completes P300k network expansion

BoFiNet completes P300k network expansion

Botswana Fiber Networks (BoFiNet), a wholesale provider of national and international telecommunications infrastructure, has completed national backbone access network expansion worth P300 000.

Thato Jensen, Strategy & Business Development Executive at BoFiNet said the development will support the company's efforts to improve national network coverage and broadband penetration.

"The ICT sector remains central to achievements of the nation - strategic and imperative goals, as we strive to place the economy on transit mode to become knowledge based economy," Jensen said.

The 1000km of new fibre cable is part of the expansion of the national backbone network connecting villages across three districts in Botswana - Kgalagadi, North West and Chobe.

Jensen said the project will widen broadband connectivity and enable BoFiNet customers to provide products and services countrywide at competitive and affordable prices.

He added that the nation is taking huge strides towards embracing the information age through government's commitment to connectivity infrastructure.

Jensen said BoFiNet continues to support government efforts, expected to reap tangible improvements in information sharing, decision making, productivity, economic growth, employment opportunities and global competiveness.

BoFiNet is 100% government-owned and was formed through a separation of the then incumbent operator, BTC, into two separate organisations: BoFiNet and BTC Ltd.

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