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APEX Custom Solutions launched as SA businesses pin hopes on tech

By , ITWeb
South Africa , 29 Jun 2021
Doug Woolley, GM of Dell Technologies South Africa.
Doug Woolley, GM of Dell Technologies South Africa.

Dell Technologies says access to technology and flexibility with investment strategies is key to assisting businesses in their efforts to leverage technology solutions amid COVID-19 and related challenges to operations.

The company has released the Dell Technologies APEX Custom Solutions to the South African market which provides access to the company’s entire infrastructure portfolio ‘as-a-service’.

Dell presents this as a way to help businesses reduce the time and complexity of acquiring, managing, maintaining, and servicing physical IT infrastructure.

In practice, Dell Technologies assists organisations to determine their hardware, software and services requirements and from there, all technology is installed and made available to customers.

According to the company, usage is monitored with automated tools which allow it to respond quickly to new service requests, workload fluctuations and changes driven by the business to improve IT flexibility.

“Customers can also customise configurations based on their workload and therefore avoid over-provisioning and control cost by paying for elastic resources only as they are consumed,” the company adds.

Doug Woolley, Managing Director, Dell Technologies South Africa, said: “Organisations across South Africa are fast-tracking technology implementation to drive long-term business success. But lack of budget and resources means they are looking for a more agile and simple way to continue their technology investments. With the introduction of APEX Custom Solutions, Dell Technologies is enabling customers to overcome these barriers to transform their IT.”

The company adds that with APEX Flex on Demand, organisations in South Africa can use a pay-per-use flexible consumption model for custom configurations, where elastic capacity is delivered and measured at the product level.

“For instance, customers can choose the term of the usage, the minimum commitment and cap costs,” the company states.

Dell also emphasises the relevance of the APEX Data Centre Utility, which it describes as “highly customisable” and enables organisations to move part, or all, of their datacentre operations into a pay-per-use model.

“With a monthly payment based on their actual usage, Dell Technologies can support and manage their datacentre and its operations. There are no minimum capacity requirements for Data Centre Utility and reporting is individualized based on specific needs,” Dell continues. 

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