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Driving AI-powered context detection marketing in Africa

Driving AI-powered context detection marketing in Africa

Johannesburg-based digital advertising innovator Mobiclicks and its technology partner SilverPush are targeting brands serving Africa's one billion consumers.

Mobiclicks claims to offer clients access to the SilverPush Sync platform that synchronises traditional television and radio campaigns with social media advertising through AI-powered context detection marketing.

The company says it can add certain trigger moments to the client mobile marketing mix.

Mobiclicks founder, Shaun Rosen says, "There's a sense of renewal in the air throughout the continent and we'd like to help usher in this new African dawn by working to boost the fortunes of Africa's brands. Brands create demand and demand is what drives economic growth, the only proven way to build sustainable futures."

The strategy is to gain traction in a key segment such as East Africa, working with a local partner, according to Rosen.

"Our platform is well positioned to deal with the typical challenges in Africa such as connectivity or coverage. For example, our sports Moments product is able to sync against live sports events to social like Facebook. The sports events are broadcast to the population though well-established channels so that's taken care of and the social platforms like Facebook are free to end users in many African markets," he says.

Hitesh Chawla, chief executive officer of SilverPush, adds: "We are excited to expand our reach across Africa and offer our technology to brands in this market with Mobiclicks. Our aim is to help more brands reach out to their multiscreen customers more effectively via our real-time platform; and this partnership will help bridge the customer journey of brand engagement between TV, search, social media, and mobile platforms."

Mobiclicks emphasises the value of its Magnifi solution that uses AI technology to sync TV ads with social campaigns.

"Most people are 'second screening' when watching television. With TV viewers constantly looking at their mobile phone, it's difficult for this medium to compete. Fortunately, Magnifi from Mobiclicks uses the latest AI technology to sync TV ads with social campaigns for maximum engagement," explains Rosen.

He adds that Magnifi will identify when TV adverts actually run and within three seconds trigger a brand's social media campaign. This is an African first.

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