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Zambia secures millions by waiving ICT imports

By , Zambia Contributor
Zambia , 28 May 2024
Felix Mutati, minister of science and technology.
Felix Mutati, minister of science and technology.

Zambia has disclosed attracting investments of over US$50 million over the last two years following the waiver on information and communication telecoms technology (ICT) equipment imports.

The Minister of Science and Technology, Felix Mutati, announced the investment on Monday while welcoming a group from the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa to examine Zambia's readiness for hosting the Cloud Africa Ecosystem.

The Cloud Africa Ecosystem, which is scheduled to be hosted in the Southern African country on an unspecified date, is expected to serve as a hub for hosting African data for usage by ordinary residents and industry.

Mutati used the occasion to highlight Zambia's efforts to build its digital economy and infrastructure.

"I talked about the $54 million which has come to the country in terms of investment following the waiver on ICT equipment," Mutati stated.

The Cloud Africa Ecosystem is expected to play a critical role in the continent's transition to a digital economic community. 

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