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Camtel rebrands commercial services as Blue

By , Freelance Investigative Journalist
Cameroon , 23 Aug 2021

Cameroon’s state-owned telecommunications company Camtel has rebranded its commercial services component as ‘Blue’.

The new brand was launched internally in Camtel’s HQ in Yaounde and officially rolled out on 20 August 2021.

“Blue is revolutionary,” said Judith Yah Sunday, General Manager of Camtel, adding that it is targeted at both existing and potential new customers, and incorporates all of the company’s services to offer entirely new customer experience.

“This name reflects the values of a Cameroon company, proud of its roots, its achievements, its history, which is now immersed in global competition,” said Yah Sunday.

According to Stephane Edimo, Head of Marketing and Communication at Camtel, the Blue brand translates Camtel’s aspiration of “change management and customer centricity’.

Camtel holds concessions to exercise mobile, fixed and transport activities in telecommunications across Cameroon, and these will be covered by the new brand name said Edimo.

Blue will be separated into strategic units, thus: Blue Mobile, Blue Team, Blue Sky, Blue Home, Blue Fiber, Blue Corporate, Blue Network, Blue Cloud, Blue Transit, Blue Circuit, and Blue Backhaul.

Blue Home will offer users one-package wireless, high-speed connectivity, fast and easy option to recharge, “will be launched very soon.”

Camtel also said Blue Mobile is being prepared and will cover WTTx, FTTx, and LS, amongst others.

The company expects the brand initiative i to help reposition it in a market in which MTN Cameroon, Orange Cameroun and Nexttel continue to make serious inroads.

However, Camtel enjoys monopoly in the provision of optic fibre network.

The telco aims to emerge as a content provider by 2024 and leader of data services provision in Cameroon and the CEMAC zone by 2025.

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