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Elpas introduces new mother bracelet for infant protection system

Elpas introduces new mother bracelet for infant protection system

Elpas, part of the Security Products business unit of Tyco, expands its Infant Protection Solution with the introduction of the Elpas Mother Bracelet, a wearable electronic bracelet designed for ease of use by mothers and hospital staff in maternity departments.

The Mother Bracelet is used to ensure the accuracy and safety of mother-baby pairings, preventing mismatches or possible infant abductions within maternity, obstetrics, neonatal and pediatric departments.

The Mother Bracelet pairs with the RFID-enabled Elpas Charm. As part of the Infant Protection Solution, the Elpas Charm provides real-time indoor positioning data to determine the location of an infant. A simple local match test may be performed at any time after initial pairing between Mother Bracelet and Infant Charm, indicating to the nursing staff or the mother that there is a proper match between mother and baby. Once paired, a mother may use the bracelet to escort her infant through protected exits without alarming. The bracelet also has a wireless call button used to call for assistance as needed.

"Working in conjunction with the baby-friendly Elpas Charm and as part of the Infant Protection System, the Mother Bracelet adds peace of mind for new mothers and hospital staff, while dealing efficiently and unobtrusively with the very real issues of baby-mother mismatches or infant abductions," said David Fensterheim, vice president, product management for Elpas.

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