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Zambia confirms completion of AI strategy

By , Zambia Contributor
Zambia , 30 May 2024
Zambia has finally set the stage for its national AI strategy.
Zambia has finally set the stage for its national AI strategy.

The Zambian government has finalised the drafting of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) policy that would guide the country on how to harness the benefits of the latest technologies.

Felix Mutati, minister of science and technology, announced that the AI plan will be launched within the next two months.

According to Mutati, AI has the ability to help Zambia accomplish its goal of producing 3 million tonnes of copper per year through enhanced exploration.

Copper is the lifeblood of the Southern African country.

"AI will bring a lot of economic benefits to the country," Mutati stated. "AI will create alternative jobs in the economy and also fast track mineral exploration."

The minister was speaking at the Copperbelt Agricultural Mining and Industrial Networking Enterprise in Kitwe.

Next month, Zambia will hold an AI Conference to prepare the country for an AI-powered future.

"Artificial intelligence is here to stay,” as Mutati reassured Zambians that they should not be concerned about its existence or employment losses.

Larry Mweetwa, acting director for science and technology, stated that conversations with stakeholders on the AI strategy will begin soon.

"The government wants assistance from the industry on how to effectively benefit from artificial intelligence.”

According to Mweeta, the ministry is currently training its workforce in artificial intelligence.

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