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Infinet Wireless taps into fast-growing West Africa

By , ITWeb
Cameroon , 24 Jul 2020

Fixed broadband wireless operator Infinet Wireless has opened a new regional office in Cameroon as the company expands its operations in West Africa, which the company describes as one of the world’s fastest growing economic regions.

Infinet Wireless says the new presence will be initially managed by technical engineer and Yaounde local Ludovic Thierry Takam, who has been with Infinet Wireless since 2013.

Takam will oversee the establishment of a new platform to enable mutually beneficial exchanges of technology expertise between the Infinet Wireless management teams and their African counterparts. This will include setting up technological programs and qualifications in several universities as part of the Infinet Wireless Academy.

The company added: “This presence will also be used to deliver Infinet Wireless' latest technological breakthroughs, supporting its customer base with all their current and future wireless projects involving the company’s solutions. Specific focus will be given to verticals such as new infrastructures for service providers of all types, homeland security, mobile connectivity, energy and mining applications, as well as solutions for smart cities.”

Kamal Mokrani, Infinet’s Global Vice President, said: “Infinet Wireless’ cost effective and market leading solutions can make a significant contribution to the economic development of the sub-Sahara region. Our presence much closer to the end users represents a win-win partnership for all stakeholders in the region, allowing us to react much quicker to market demands but also to make available our technological know-how and innovative solutions in the delivery of wireless infrastructures. Africa is a rapidly developing continent, both economically and technologically, and we are committed and excited to be a part of a history in the making.”

Takam will also assist the company’s African partners more closely by supporting their design and deployment efforts often needed for large-scale projects. This was initially discussed at a forum held in the city of Sochi, Russia, in October 2019, as part of the first Russia-Africa Economic Forum and Summit, during which the company’s credentials were shared with many high level African decision makers.

“Our African partners will particularly be able to take advantage of our global experience and latest technological achievements, thanks to our brand new Software Defined Radio (SDR) family of products in the 5, 6, 28 and 70Ghz frequency bands. As an example, our new Quanta family is highly suited to the environment of the African market, delivering maximum capacity, requiring a much lower power consumption – an important benefit when national grid resources are often unreliable or simply non-existent – all achieved at a lower total cost of ownership than traditional microwave solutions. Our main objective is to reduce, if not eliminate altogether, the digital gap between urban and rural areas,” added Mokrani.

The company is scheduled to host the online Infinet Wireless Conference 2020 on 28 July 2020.

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